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Mass messages are private messages that you can send out to a whole group of people at once, making it the easiest and most direct way to connect with your fans.

Talking one-on-one is great, but sometimes (when you have hundreds of fans to be precise) you might lack the time or energy to do so, and that’s when My.Club’s mass messaging feature comes into play.

My.Club’s mass messaging functionality

Using mass messaging on My.Club is as simple as ABC. To send a mass message you just have to open Messages and click on Create Mass Message at the top. Then, you can choose which group of people you wish to send the mass message to (paid members, free members, followed, paying non-members or even a custom list of people).

And here’s where the interesting part comes: you can choose whether to send it for free, or for a price of your choice. Moreover, you can turn any mass message into a content-selling tool by attaching media to it. You can attach up to 15 photos and/or videos to your mass message.

My.Club messaging best practices

Mass messages are super important and a great tool to boost your earnings, so you must use them wisely. Here are some My.Club messaging tips to engage your fans and keep making more money.

Send a teaser

One of the best ways to lure fans to your content is to give them a teaser of it. Thus, you can send free mass messages to tease your audience and give them a taste of what they could enjoy if they subscribe to your club, and then send them a second one with paid content. Or you could send them content in a free mass message as a preview to whet their appetite, and then send them a second one with paid content. This way you’re increasing the chances that they will pay to unlock it.

When attaching several media to your mass message, you can choose to set it to Teaser media. Teaser content comes first in the post and is visible to everyone, enticing users to pay to then be able to see the rest of the footage. It’s a stellar move that will secure you plenty of buys.

Welcome messages

First impressions last, and what better way to make a good first impression than with a thoughtful welcome mass message to all your new subscribers? It’s a nice way to say hi and introduce new fans to your club and content. You want to make them feel welcome so that they stay.

Inform about upcoming events or sales

My.Club group messaging is ideal to tell your subscribers about upcoming events or dates that they should mark down their calendar, like when you will post new content, special promos, etc. It’s all about getting them hyped up and ready waiting for the event.

Share something special

The magic of My.Club’s mass communication is that you can use it to share pretty much anything you want or can think of, even your thoughts, dreams, or how are you feeling. Super hack: end your message with a direct question to your fans to prompt them to engage with you. Remember that a happy and engaged fan who feels heard, is most likely a paying fan.

Include a CTA

You can include CTAs telling your fans to check out the new content you’ve posted, or telling them that they can buy a specific piece of content and even attach the locked footage directly in the mass message.

Check your analytics

If you go to the chat and click on Mass Message, you can access Mass Message Stats. There you can see how many people you sent a mass message to, how many of them opened it, or how much money you got from it.

Checking your statistics will help you figure out the best approach to mass message your fans and even create a content plan for the future, so if you want to ensure the money coming in, analyze your stats.

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