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If you are looking to broaden your audience, it's always a good idea to share a link to your profile on social media. But you also need to remind people about yourself consistently. Otherwise, they tend to forget. It's only natural amid the barrage of information that each of us plows through every single day. But how do you keep reminding people about yourself without getting repetitive and boring?

A great way is to use the Announce on Twitter feature: every time you post on My.Club, you can let your Twitter followers know about it. This way, you keep your Twitter audience engaged and do it with a promise of different content.

You can find Announce on Twitter in your Account Settings. When you turn the toggle switch on, you need to connect your Twitter account, and you're done!

"Announce on Twitter" in Account Settings

You can choose from one of the generated messages to be your tweet or write something of your own. Once you click Save, tweets about your new My.Club posts will appear in your Twitter account. But no content from your My.Club posts is displayed in tweets. There's got to be some mystery to it ;)

"Announce on Twitter" while creating a new post

If at some point you don't want tweets about your posts anymore, just click Unlink Twitter.

Now go and tell the whole Twitter-verse about your posts!

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