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Staying fit never gets old, but your schedule can, and if you're a fitness fanatic looking for more ways to share the love (and make some extra coin too) then let's start cranking out those workout plans! It’s time to break away from one-on-one sessions with clients at the gym and learn how selling fitness online is going help take your business up that next notch. It's a great way to reach a larger audience, helping people all over the world achieve their fitness goals while also earning some extra income in the process. Who knows? Maybe soon people will be calling YOU their own wellness guru.

Starting to sell workout plans online is relatively straightforward. All you need is your expertise, enthusiasm for wellness and creativity. First off, you'll need to determine what type of content you'll be offering – from pre-made workout plans and nutrition guides to customized video tutorials or live classes. Consider what sets you apart from other trainers and create content that will draw customers in. You'll also want to establish your price range for each service offered. This way, potential clients know exactly what they're signing up for ahead of time. Once everything's in place, it's time to promote! Make sure that your website has SEO-friendly keywords so it ranks higher on search engine results pages. Utilize social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest as well; they are great tools for finding new followers and engaging with current ones too.

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Keep in mind though that creating an online presence and starting to sell fitness programs online like crazy isn't something that happens overnight. It takes hard work and dedication just like any other business endeavor would. But if you take the initiative in crafting quality content that resonates with potential customers while providing personalized support when needed, then success is right around the corner. With more people than ever turning towards digital solutions for their wellness needs, now is the perfect opportunity to grow your very own virtual empire.

How much money can you make?

The amount of money one can make selling online workout programs will vary depending on the program's content, pricing structure, and marketing strategy. Generally speaking, a well-crafted program that offers value to its users has the potential for generating significant income. For example, a popular online exercise program might cost its users $20-$30 per month, with additional fees for different levels or bundles of content. If the program did well and had 1,000 subscribers each paying $30 per month, then the total monthly revenue would be $30,000. Of course this figure could be higher or lower depending on how many people subscribe and the exact prices being charged.

In order to sell fitness and make sure your online workout program is successful and profitable, it's important to have an effective pricing strategy combined with great marketing efforts. You'll also want to create high-quality content that provides users with real value in exchange for their money. This could include detailed video demonstrations of exercises as well as audio instructions to follow along with workouts. Additionally, you may want to consider offering special incentives such as discounts or complimentary products when people sign up for your program. All these factors will help determine how much you can make selling your online workout programs and ensure your success in the long run.

Furthermore, you should look into ways that you can track user engagement with your program so you can adjust it accordingly for optimal success. Tools like Google Analytics can help you measure metrics such as time spent on each page, which exercises are most popular among users, what devices visitors are using most often etc. With this information at hand, you'll be able to tailor your online workout program and refine its content based on data-driven insights instead of relying purely on intuition.

With the right combination of quality content and marketing efforts, there is no limit on how much money one can make selling online exercise programs!

How to sell fitness programs online

Are you ready to sculpt the perfect online fitness classes and learn how to sell personal training online? Don't break a sweat. It’s as easy as one-two-three.

First, determine what kind of product you want people working out from home to enjoy. Then find your ideal hosting platform and upload your workout content – it’s like adding icing on an already delicious virtual cake. Last but not least: set that price tag right where it needs be in order for everyone involved can thrive.

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty and go into these steps in more detail – let the class commence!

  1. Create your online training programs and workout plans

Choosing the kind of things you're going to offer is one of the first (and crucial) steps on how to sell online personal training.

Assuming that you’re either a certified fitness instructor or that you have years of experience that you can impart to your audience, to build an online fitness studio, you must learn how to translate your expertise into a service that others will pay for.

Therefore, let's look at the different kinds of digital fitness items available before getting into the mechanics of marketing in general:

  • Downloadable PDF eating and exercise plans

A great example of an evergreen fitness product that can help you generate consistent passive revenue is selling workout plans as PDFs.

The best part is that you can get started with little money. It only requires organizing your existing knowledge, creating a well-designed PDF file, and using an intuitive eCommerce platform to sell digital files.

  • Online fitness courses

You can transform workout videos into online fitness classes or transformation programs if you want to sell them.

Ron Jones acts in exactly that manner. He is a personal trainer and a Sellfy creator who has succeeded in fusing mental health practices with personal fitness training to provide his clients with a truly exceptional experience. Through the sale of a 5-week curriculum on his Sellfy site, he has successfully expanded his personal training business online. Beginners of all ages can benefit from his $197 program, which offers both in-gym and at-home workouts.

  • Workout subscriptions

The goal is to sell a product that entails regular monthly or yearly subscription payments from your clients. The best part is that you will have more control over your money if it is recurring. Additionally, keeping clients who have already subscribed is significantly simpler.

With subscription-based products, you may update the current ones in real-time without having to continually think of new ones.

2. Choose a business model

You can either choose between the transactional or subscription based business model.

The first one, known as transactional video on demand (TVOD) is where people pay one time to access your videos. This business model is particularly good if you want to teach a specific thing, like a particular class, a workout routine, or a workshop. The pros of this business program are that you can continue to sell the product for many years after it is finished, that to clients who are both local and online, it is simple to advertise your online personal training business, and that by developing an affiliate offer for independent trainers to sell, you can easily grow your business through referrals.

There are some cons though, like the fact that in order to keep the money coming in, you must constantly recruit new clients, that your revenue is not dependable or recurring, that taking thorough online courses can take a long time, and that to create money, you must devote a lot of time to marketing.

On the other hand, you have the subscription video on demand (SVOD), which requires people to pay a monthly fee in order to access your videos. For fitness instructors wishing to create a comprehensive, client-focused online training business, SVOD is the ideal business strategy. No matter where in the world your clients are, you can constantly make, update, and share videos that will benefit them.

With SVOD, you could generate a consistent income, your earnings are more stable, customers keep their subscriptions longer, advertizing to both offline and online customers is more simple, and so is repurposing video material for marketing.

On the flip side, with this business model you’ll have to invest time into regular content creation, and trade off short term income for long term one.

3. Build your website

If you were wondering where to where to sell workout plans, the answer is in your own website.

The storefront for your online fitness studio is your website. People will go there to learn more, look at your costs, and choose whether your method of instruction is suitable for them. A successful internet business requires a well-designed website. Additionally, you must pick a platform that works with the kind of business you want to create.

Some businesses can benefit from using general website builders, but you will require an all-in-one platform with a focus on video monetization for your online fitness studio.

You have everything you need to establish, launch, and expand your video business with the proper video platform. You now have total freedom to establish your online studio anyway you like.

4. Set your pricing

The question of how much creators should charge for the fitness courses they sell online has been the subject of extensive, rigorous research. The first thing you must do, is check out what other fitness instructors are charging for their online courses. Research your competitors so that you can come up with a benchmark for your material pricing.

5. Market your online fitness program

How to sell workout programs online if not with great marketing? Without it, even the best fitness-related internet material cannot realize its full potential. Make sure you're developing a strategy for getting your brand in front of potential customers and converting them as you build up your online programs and other offers. Create social media templates, promotional films, and targeted campaigns.

Best marketing practices:

  • Show up often and thoughtfully

Your message or email represents a tiny fraction of someone else's very complex day. You can't just make one post and expect everyone to sign up, I repeat. You need a plan to get regular exposure that is beneficial. Basically, be ready to continually be present on social media, in emails, and through any other avenues you want to employ. Yes, that entails coming up with a ton of fresh methods to promote the same program. Be innovative.

Then of course, the caliber of your marketing is just as crucial as the quantity, particularly your social media posts. Always consider whether you are adding value for your audience before posting. All of your current fans may become customers. In addition to promoting your brand, do your blogs provide readers anything they can use? For instance, publish a proper form breakdown for an activity that your beginner's strength-training program will frequently involve rather than just promoting it in a post.

Following that, thoughtfully engaging with others is another easy method to improve engagement. Your direct messages (DMs) and comments are excellent places to address inquiries about your program, offer further information about its content, and assist followers in determining whether it would be a suitable fit for them. A small amount of sincere communication can go a long way.

  • Maximize your efforts

Once you've decided where to focus your marketing efforts, consider how to increase their impact and reach. It's best if you can generate more sales per YouTube video, Instagram Story, or Facebook post.

Also consider looking for chances to work with fitness-related brands. This can give you a lot of exposure. Don't be hesitant to reach out. Brands are always seeking for quality trainers and content. When at all possible, schedule partnerships around the release of fresh material and make use of the platforms of your partners to draw attention to your programs among prospective new customers.

Bottom line on how to sell workout plans

Although the world of online training may appear to be bustling, don't let the saturation deter you.

Now that you've dispelled the myth that you need to be a web celebrity in order to succeed in selling online fitness programs, start small, establish your specialty, and focus your efforts on your talents. Define success on individuals you're directly assisting, and you'll develop more close-knit communities and more intimate relationships that others will notice and want to be a part of.

So how to create a workout plan to sell after all? With a lot of passion, time and effort!

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