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Monetize your content and support creators you love!

Imagine being able to directly engage with your audience, monetize your interactions, and enhance your income potential. All of that is possible with My.Clubs Video Calls feature. If you enable it, fans will be able to video call you whenever you’re up for it. To make it even more profitable, users have the possibility to send you tips during the video call.

You have the flexibility to offer call packs of 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 minutes, catering to your fans' preferences.

How does it work?

Navigating through the video calls feature is a breeze:

  • Access your Account Settings: head to your Account settings and find the dedicated Video Calls tab.

  • Pricing freedom: set your custom price per minute. You can select any price up to $6.50/min. Want to sweeten the deal? You can choose to offer exclusive discounts on specific call packs and thus make your offers more enticing. You can choose between a 5% and up to a 50% discount.
  • Notification preferences: tailor how you want to be notified of incoming calls to fit seamlessly into your routine, either by the Telegram bot, or push notifications.
  • Set your availability: customize your availability schedule to suit your preferences and commitments and let everyone know when you’re available for a call.

  • Call settings: select your camera and microphone, and test them to ensure that everything will go smooth whenever you receive a call.

My.Club offers an extra bonus – a personalized "Call Me" link, which you can easily copy via ''Share Link'' functionality under your profile settings. This link leads to a captivating landing page promoting video calls with you that you can effortlessly share across your social media platforms. It's the perfect way to inform your fans about video calls, your availability and entice them to buy a call pack.

Why video calls?

Video calls provide a unique opportunity for creators to deepen their connections with fans, offer exclusive content, and monetize their fan base. It's a win-win for both creators and fans. You get extra money while bonding with fans and thus boosting customer loyalty, and they get an unforgettable experience so intimate that they’ll forget it’s virtual. Activate your Video Calls now and let the money flow.

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