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Do you enjoy creating things? Writing, photographing, filming, drawing, etc.? Perhaps you enjoy doing something else and would love to make your living off of it? With My.Club, you can.

With My.Club, you can keep creating what you like and making money. Feel free to bring the audience from anywhere you can: your social media, OnlyFans (you do know what OnlyFans is, right?), or any other website. Invite them to join your exclusive club where they will find something they won’t find anywhere else.

Create Club

If it sounds like something you’d like to do but don’t know what content you could post regularly for people to enjoy, think of this:

  • What are you already good at? It doesn’t have to be something complicated or sophisticated. In other words, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist. Do you come out well in photographs? That’s great, you can showcase them. Do you know 10-minute tasty recipes? Excellent, film the process of cooking and take a picture of the results.
  • What would you like to be good at? There is something very inspiring about seeing other people mastering a skill or going on a journey, whether literal or metaphorical. You can document that and turn it into your content! Don’t be shy and give it a go.
  • Do you know someone who would like to create something with you? Wonderful! Reach out to your friends or colleagues, team up, and get creative. You can always post results to your club on My.Club where only fans can view it. It’s a great way to open up a new cash flow for you.

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You may start out small, but if you keep at it and continue to create great content regularly, your audience is bound to grow. It doesn’t matter if it grows slowly or like crazy, what matters is if you start now and post consistently, in a year’s time you will have more fans willing to pay to see what you come up with. If you think it only works for top OnlyFans creators, you are wrong.

Everyone has to start somewhere and it’s totally fine. Enjoy the process and fans will come. Because if you enjoy it, they will, too.

If you already have an audience somewhere, anywhere, you’re already ahead of many others in the content creation game. Set up your club on My.Club, get a link to your profile, and post it where you have your audience. Tell them there is a great place where they can see more of your exclusive creations. This is not for all. This is for those who appreciate what you do and want to support you.

If at first you start it as a side hustle, you may grow an audience big enough to turn it into your primary source of income. Just imagine: all you do is create what you enjoy creating and get paid for it enough to afford a living, and a great one at that!

Sell content. Make money. Fulfil dreams.

10 Ways of Earning More with My.Club

Some of you may know how to make money on OnlyFans, but My.Club opens up many more opportunities for you to earn good money. If you're looking for additional ways to increase your bottom line without much effort, My.Club is a perfect fit for your existing sponsored accounts. You can transfer all your posts from other platforms in a few clicks to My.Club and keep growing your audience.

Think about that for a second while learning 10 tips on getting extra income:

1. Locked videos & photos

A great idea is to upload photo and video content that you have on My.Club. Once you’ve done that, you can make this content available for a monthly fee. You can make some photo albums free as a teaser, so that your audience wants to see more, which they can easily find in paid albums.

You can also announce the creation of some custom content: it can be something themed or inspired by your audience’s requests. If you lean into creating something audience-centric, you already know they want to see it, so chances are they’re going to want to pay for it.

Also, consider what content you want to bundle up into albums and what content you want to publish as single photos which will appear in the feed as separate posts.

2. Private paid messages

You can receive private messages from your fans for money. At the same time, you are welcome to send locked private messages with some great content to your fans. To unlock them, they need to pay, and they will see what you have sent them.

3. Tips as an extra source of income

We all like nice people. And we like when people are nice to us, and there is something inspiring when you are nice to someone else. Why are we talking about this? Because your fans can send you tips. They are neither buying any content nor joining any clubs. They tip just because they want to support the creator they like. And people tend to like nice, friendly, fun personalities.

Make sure you are a decent human being. It’s not always easy, but not only is it the right thing to do but also a lucrative one at that!

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4. Share posts from My.Club to social media

Everyone’s heard about onlyfans girls who make tens of thousands of dollars each month, but the result comes with patience. That's why you need to think about your social media image, brand strategy, and your audience.

Broaden the reach of your My.Club posts by sharing them to your other social media. You can set your posts to be shared on Twitter automatically from your profile settings! The more people see your amazing posts, the more potential members you can get.

5. Copy all content from OnlyFans.com to My.Club

For those who already have a stash of amazing content across their OnlyFans accounts, there is a very easy way to transfer it all automatically to My.Club. We have a browser extension called “Copy Content to My.Club” which allows you to copy your content from OnlyFans in just a couple of clicks. Raise your chances of monetizing your content. Don't worry about the visibility settings of your posts, nothing will be published without your confirmation.

6. Collaboration with other creators

You may also want to consider the possibility of collaborating with other creators. On the one hand, you sort of exchange your audiences, but ultimately you are broadening your audience, because your fans will stay with you anyway while you may get some new ones. Plus, everyone loves a good team-up.

7. About followers and club members

Don’t neglect followers. They are not paying for the membership of your club yet, but they are close to it. The fact that they’ve decided to follow you already shows they are interested. They just need some extra incentive. Keep posting regularly and send out free mass messages every now and then to tease your potential paid members with what they can get if they join your club for a monthly fee.

8. Mass messages to all your fans

Mass messages are great when you want to target whole groups of users at once. You can make them either paid or free, but don’t rush to dismiss free mass messages as useless. Because they aren’t. Free mass messages can actually help you sell paid mass messages better because they (free mass messages) help you tease what content can be found in your club with paid membership.

9. Referral Program

Make use of My.Club’s Referral Program. All you need to do is share your personal referral link outside My.Club. Then someone registers on My.Club as a creator using your referral link. When they start earning money as a creator, you keep 10% of My.Club’s revshare from what these creators make. Forever.

10. Promo links on your page

You can also diversify where you sell what type of content. For example, you can provide part of your content through Snapchat, but provide access to your Snapchat content for tips or subscriptions on My.Club.

Sell content. Make money. Fulfil dreams.

My.Club is the Perfect Alternative to OnlyFans

Pretty much everyone knows about OnlyFans and the OnlyFans app at this point. They are arguably the biggest name among content sale and subscription websites, but they are also the ones who are having the most issues and that people complain about the most. We all remember the subsequently withdrawn statement that onlyfans banned adult content.

“How does OnlyFans work?”, you may wonder. With all sorts of issues, with people seeing OnlyFans ban accounts at random, ignore users’ Support requests, and refuse to verify their IDs

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Problems with registration

OnlyFans appears to have loads of problems when it comes to verifying your account as a creator. People register and submit their documents for verification but an overwhelming number of them reportedly have issues with ever actually getting verified. Their pleas to Support don’t seem to yield great results. So people who would love to earn with their content are left without the opportunity to do so on OnlyFans. Similarly, onlyfans login process can be as painful. Unlike My.Club.

Registration on My.Club is a smooth and clear process that will not make you want to smash your screen. You register, you get verified, and you are free to start posting your gorgeous content so that your audience can grow.

If you already have an OnlyFan account and don’t want to give it up, you don’t have to. All we are saying is that putting all eggs in one basket is not always good, so you may want to consider additional possibilities, and My.Club is a perfect option for you.

Long response time from Support

If you encounter a problem on a website that you can’t solve yourself, your instinct would be to reach out to the website’s Support. But if you do it on OnlyFans, you may get stuck waiting for a reply for ages. And even if you get a reply, there’s no guarantee your situation will be resolved.

On My.Club, however, we will not leave you hanging. We aim to reply to your requests within 24 hours and do our best to help you in any situation.

Scamming creators

You don’t need to go far to hear all about how people pay creators on OnlyFans only to get nothing in return. There may be many reasons as to why this is happening and whether it’s a new thing or it’s always been like that, but the fact remains that there is an increasing amount of complaints about such cases.

My.Club creators do not have such a reputation, and we hope to keep it that way and foster friendly and respectful relationships between creators and their fans.

Creators charge sub fees + for separate content units on top of that

Another frustrating thing you may encounter on OnlyFans is that in addition to their subscription fees creators also charge extra for their content. In other words, they make you pay twice!

We don’t think it’s fair. Which is why on My.Club, if you join a club for a membership fee, you get access to all of a creator’s content. They can send you something paid in private message, yes, but they can’t put a paywall on content in their posts for paying members of their clubs.

5 Steps to Get Started on My.Club

Register in a couple of clicks for free and start your very own club, where you will be posting your exclusive content, and invite your fans to join. This is the one place where you can meet and interact with your audience and where they can support you and what you do.

1. Upload Great Content to Your Club

Upload and unlock exclusive content

When your club is ready, fill it with your creations: photos and videos that your fans and admirers will love. Try to make it different in style and formats, change it up every now and then. It also can be a good idea to have a content plan and post things consistently so your audience stays engaged.

2. Copy Content From Other Platforms

Copy content from other platforms

If you already have content on other platforms like OnlyFans, Fansly, or AVN Stars, you can easily copy your content from there to My.Club in one go! How? With our special extension. This way, your My.Club account will immediately be filled with a vast amount of fantastic content, making your club so much more desirable to join.

3. Set Membership Fee, Sell Content, Receive Tips

Earn tips from fans

Once you've created your club and filled it with wonderful content, it's time to set a membership fee. This is the price your fans should pay monthly to join your club and be able to enjoy what you create. The membership of your club can be paid or free, depending on how you wish to go about monetizing your content. Different strategies can work on different stages.

Plus, you can sell your content via messages, private or mass, and receive tips from your admirers.

4. Create Teaser Posts

Create posts with gorgeous content

Unlike other posts on My.Club, Teaser Posts are visible to anyone on the internet, which makes them a powerful tool for promoting your club. Make a stunning Teaser Post, share it everywhere you can, and people will want to see more of what you have or reward you just for that post alone.

5. Promote Your Club on Social Media

Invite and share with friends

To grow your audience effectively, use all the tools at your disposal, including social media. Post a link to your My.Club account on any and all of your socials to reach as wide an audience as possible. Do not be shy to remind people about your club regularly, not just once. This will help you see fresh faces among your club members.

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