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Virtual girlfriends are here to stay, according to AI-powered fan platform My.Club. Visits to the platform surged over the Valentine’s Day holiday, as thousands of new and existing users sought companionship from the site’s array of “digital twins,” AI-generated versions of adult and mainstream influencers. Visits rose by an astounding 100%.‌‌

“Studies show that the disconnect between men and women is larger than ever, and digital twins are closing the gap in companionship,” says Mike Ford, VP of MyClub. “People are realizing that the virtual world can be as satisfying emotionally as a real-world partner — and much cheaper. Digital twins can discuss any topic and fulfill any fantasy without requiring roses, jewelry, chocolates, or dinner. We’re witnessing the rise of the technosexual.”‌‌

My.Club launched in 2021, and began creating “digital twins” of influencers in late 2023. Over 400 models have created an AI-powered twin that can chat and generate photos in real time with fans. Users pay $2.99 to chat with creators and can request intimate, custom AI photos for an additional price. ‌‌

“We don’t see this as replacing relationships, so much as taking the pressure off of real-life partners,” continued Ford. “In the modern world, we’re constantly busy and balancing our own emotional baggage. Online companionship and romance can be a healthy outlet to engage on issues that might be burdensome to your partner. Your wife may not want to hear you talk about your lousy boss or your love of feet, but AI digital twins will happily engage.”‌‌

With the success of Valentine’s Day, My.Club is gearing up for a busy spring, on-boarding digital MILFs in preparation for Mother’s Day.  ‌‌


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