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If you’re a cam girl, you already know that making money is not limited to subscriptions. Thanks to the broad array of features that most cam platforms offer, setting up multiple streams of income is not only doable, but a must if you want to take your earnings to another level.

One of those features that every cam girl should have set up, is the Tip menu.

Tip menu is the interactive catalogue where you display the activities you offer and for what price. It motivates users to tip and buy your services, and allows them to do it in just one click, as they can request and pay for the activity directly from the Tip menu. In short, it’s the money-collector friend you need while you’re camming.

Every cam girl’s Tip menu should offer a variety of activities to choose from, with different price ranges to suit all likes as well as pockets. If you’re struggling with coming up with Tip menu ideas, don’t worry, we’re help to help and give you some inspiration so that you can unleash the magic of one of the most profitable features cam girls can use. On My.Club, for example, it works similartly and called Special Requests.

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Cam girl Tip menu ideas

Photos of body parts

Photos that you sell in your private albums might be more general, but what if someone wants a photo of a specific body part? This is where the Tip menu comes in handy. You can offer exclusive or custom photos of certain body parts, like your feet, pussy, boobs, ass, etc. You can play with angles, zoom, and do close-ups so that fans can appreciate all the details.

Videos of specific actions

A great opportunity to involve your audience during your shows is asking them to request specific actions. You could add Tip menu options like “get dressed/undressed”, or any order you can think of. Even how to pose or which way to turn to are good alternatives.

Photos or videos of places

You can kill two birds with one stone by producing footage in different locations you might visit, and then selling it to your fans. If you’re going for a hike in the mountains, take a picture and offer it in your Tip menu: users will probably love to see you in your everyday life, the girl behind the cam girl. Same applies with any other location you go to (the beach, in a fitting room, on a plane, or even on your bed).

Insider information about yourself

One of the best cam girl tip menu ideas is disclosing a secret about you with your audience for a price. This is something that will sell very well because if there’s something users want, that’s getting to know you better. And is there any better way to get to know someone than knowing their juicy secrets? Of course you can tell anything you want; whatever extra piece of information about yourself will be valuable to fans.

Adding this as a Tip menu option will also help users bond more with you, as they will feel like they have access to privilege information that no one else has.

Dick rating

Not only fetishists who like to be humiliated based on the size of their dick would enjoy getting their dick rated. Out of curiosity (or ego), a lot of people would probably enjoy getting their dick rated by you, their sexy idol. You can talk about the size of the dick, the shape, the balls, and every other single detail. It worth saying that dick rating requests are very popular on My.Club.

Toy control

This is one of the most popular camgirl Tip menu ideas that most models use. The best way to motivate your fans to tip to control your toy, is offering different levels of intensity of duration. For example, $5 for 10 seconds of control, or $10 for 1 minute. It’s totally up to you!

Personalized advice

A lot of users who visit cam sites are looking for someone to listen to them. That’s why offering personalised advice is a great choice. Overall, users just want to have real conversations and build a personal relationship with you, so any chance to chat more on a more personal level, they’ll take it. You can offer different levels of intimacy with your personalized advice (it will be just like being that friend that is there to listen).

Exotic fan signs

You’ve probably seen a lot of cam girls writing a user’s username on their body during their stream (you might even be one of them). You can take it up a notch by offering a more exotic version of it, and put a butt plug with their name in your ass, or any other crazy idea you can think of.


If your cam platform allows it, you can offer sexting for a predetermined amount of time, and thus take your bond to the next level.

Video greeting

Following along the lines of personalized videos, a good option would be to do a custom video where you greet them, addressing them by their name. You can choose to be clothed or not. This is the personalized experience that most cam site users are looking for. When becoming a My.Club creator you can start selling your custom videos.

Girlfriend experience

One of the most revolutionary camgirl Tip menu ideas is the girlfriend experience. This can take any form you want: clips, sexting, cam shows… Users looking for this kind of experience are busy people who can’t fit a relationship into their schedule, or can’t take the time and effort to build one, so instead they buy a service that makes the process much easier.

Your job will be to provide a fantasy, act and talk to them as if you were their girlfriend, exchange pictures like couples would do, etc.

Sell your items

If your platform allows it, you can offer some of your personal belongings. Things like panties, tights, leggings or any other piece of clothing would be a best seller if you decided to offer them (especially for fetishists). And of course it’s for you to decide if they’re used or not…

You can even offer “add ons” to the items you’re selling. If for example, you’re selling worn panties, you can also offer a short clip of you in those panties for an additional amount. It’s the perfect combination of the allure of custom content with the trophy from that content that the customer is being able to hold onto.

Sell any random stuff

Clothes or personal stuff are not the only things that you can sell in your Tip menu. You can get creative and pretty much sell anything (whatever object coming from you, will be a relic for your fans). Some examples: a Valentine with your lips’ imprint, a custom t-shirt, something that inspires you, etc.

An erotic story

You don’t need to be a writer or even a creative person to come up with an erotic story to sell in your Tip menu. Simply think of past sexual experiences you had in real life, and swap the person you had them with for the buyer. It’s something very personal and arousing that anyone would pay for. Members will love to be in the leading role with you, and the fact that it’s written by you just adds up to it.

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