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It's no secret that the influencer world is saturated – there are now more influencers than ever before, all fighting for a share of the pie that hasn't grown quick enough. As a result, platforms like My.Club and OnlyFans have caught the eyes of many, including Instagram creators, many of whom have already jumped on the content-selling bandwagons to make extra cash.

Though My.Club and OnlyFans are social networks like the rest, they’ve acquired a reputation as the hotspot for adult content creators, especially My.Club, where there are no unexpected turns when it comes to posting 18+ content (remember when OnlyFans banned adult content for some days before they backtracked? Yeah, that did happen).

Content-selling platforms have become a haven for creators looking to connect more closely with their fans and monetize their unique content. On the platform, you can find chefs live-streaming recipes, fitness instructors providing step-by-step workouts, and a variety of other artists and content creators breaking away from traditional guidelines to build an intimate community with their super fans. OnlyFans, My.Club, and similar sites offer a safe space where creators can truly thrive.

Instagram it’s not what it used to be

It's no secret that Instagram has come a long way since its initial release. The recent changes to the algorithm have left many users feeling like they're not getting the exposure they deserve. Besides, with the rise of TikTok, many content creators feel alienated by the new video-focused push on Instagram.

Throughout the years, Instagram has gained a reputation for being a place where influencers can quickly gain a lot of followers. For this reason, the platform has also become more strict about banning certain types of explicit content in an effort to maintain a particular image.

Still, this hasn't deterred many influencers from trying to capture their followers' attention by showing off a little skin. For those who don't want to risk getting their entire account shut down for breaking the rules, alternative platforms may offer more creative freedom. That combined with the new changes in the algorithm is enough for influencers to make the jump from Instagram to subscription-based platforms such as OnlyFans or My.Club.

The IG-to-OF pipeline

Social media is still plagued with content that often goes unchecked. Brands working with influencers and micro-influencers have to ensure that the influencers they work with are not posting inappropriate content. If content like that is found, the brand may be associated with it and it can harm their image.

On OnlyFans however, influencers have greater levels of autonomy in terms of content creation and the control of it. They don’t depend on brands to pay them, and therefore they can post whatever content they want. In fact, adult footage is always more than welcome. So influencers are ditching sponsored posts and brand deals, and embracing creation freedom on OnlyFans and similar platforms.

Thanks to the features offered by these platforms to interact with fans, influencers can connect with them on a more personal level. When exclusivity in content is shared by influencers, they can create a bond with their followers and foster a sense of community within their sphere. This can lead to amplified engagement and loyalty, which is a significant factor in making a brand successful.

The path from Instagram to platforms like OnlyFans is easy because firstly, influencers leverage their success on the first one to get more followers on the latter. They can use their IG profiles as a gateway to their OnlyFans content, enticing their followers with a glimpse of the exclusive and ad-free content available on the platform. By teasing their followers on IG and hinting at the unique footage they can access on OF, influencers pique the curiosity of their audience and generate interest in subscribing.

Secondly, influencers employ strategic content placement on Instagram to drive traffic to OnlyFans. They create captivating posts and stories on IG that provide a sneak peek or a teaser of the content available on OnlyFans, compelling their followers to seek more on the subscription-based platform. This approach creates a sense of exclusivity and FOMO (fear of missing out) among their audience, motivating them to make the transition from IG to OF to access the complete content.

The appeal of OF

  • Subscription-based model: OF makes it possible for fans to access an exclusive range of content by paying a monthly fee on their subscription-based model. This creates a dependable income stream for creators compared to inconsistent sponsorships or ad deals.
  • Direct-to-fan interaction: content creators get the chance to communicate directly with their fans through live streams and personalized messages. The platform helps foster a closer bond by giving creators insight into their fans' likes and interests.
  • Content control: creators have total control over their content and can decide what they want to share with their fans. This means they can create content that reflects their brand and their followers' preferences, offering a unique experience every time.
  • Multiple income streams: influencers can expand their sources of cash flow, going beyond sponsored content and affiliate marketing. This functions as a dependable source of income, especially for influencers whose style of content may not be fit for traditional advertising.
  • Monetizing exclusive content: OF offers a spot for influencers to share unique content and make money off of things they don't want to share on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, for instance behind-the-scenes glimpses or tailor-made fan messages.
  • Running promotions: to sweeten the deal for their OF followers, influencers can offer special discounts or promotions. These incentives make it even more appealing to subscribe and stay loyal for the long haul.


In conclusion, OnlyFans, My.Club, and similar platforms have taken the world by storm and social media influencers are using them to monetize their content and engage with old and new fans.

The OF trend is expected to continue growing as more influencers start joining the platforms. However, as the popularity of these platforms grows, there may be a need for increased regulations, especially when it comes to age verification and data privacy. Working together, content creators and platforms can address these concerns and ensure a safe environment for influencer marketing.

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