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On My.Club, we’re all about honesty and authenticity between users and creators. That’s why we have introduced our ‘No Fake Creators’ verification feature that ensures users chat with the actual owner of the account, and unlocks additional benefits for verified creators.

Why is My.Club creators’ verification needed?

My.Club’s account verification for creators is a crucial step to ensure safety and transparency on the platform. By verifying your identity, you’re ensuring that it’s really you using the account, thus adding an extra layer of protection to your account in order to avoid impersonations.

Moreover, only creators who pass My.Club’s account validation will be able to chat with users. Aside from this, when getting verified on My.Club, creators also get several benefits that help them monetize their account.

My.Club verified creator’s benefits

  • Being featured in the Discover page
  • Being discoverable by club and hashtag
  • Promotion outside the platform

Benefits for users:

Users on My.Club benefit from the 'No Fake Creators' verification feature by being able to chat with actual owners of the accounts, not admins or sexters. This ensures authenticity and builds trust between the creator and their fans. Additionally, users can access verified creators' content, which may not be available to unverified creators.

How does the creator’s verification process on My.Club work?

When the creator starts a My.Club session on any device, they will be offered to proceed with the verification process. The process involves taking a picture on the spot to prove ownership of the account. Once the creator passes the verification, they receive a special badge on their profile, unlocking additional benefits and ensuring authenticity in their correspondence with users.

Creators who refuse to pass My.Club’s verification steps can still sell content, publish posts, set up a Request menu and use basic functions. However, if the creator disables the verification in the Account settings, they con’t be able to use the aforementioned functions of the platform. Moreover, creators won’t be visible in the Discover page and users won’t be able to find their accounts using the search function and hashtags.

Looking for creators to chat with?

Here are the already verified creators ready to chat with you.

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