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If you’re a content creator on My.Club who has their profile 100% filled out, and you’re looking for ways to promote your club beyond the walls of My.Club, especially on your socials, then you’re in luck. With the Personal Page feature, you can create a unique landing page with a free top-level custom domain (like yourname.com, .net etc.) that links out to your social media, My.Club, and other profiles.

Moreover, the Personal Page also showcases your most exclusive My.Club features such as Dream, Request menu, stories or teaser posts so that users can access them directly from there. In short, your Personal Page is your VIP website address and window display to your club and socials yo want to promote, all in one.

This allows you to have your own website address with a sneak peek into your club's unique offerings that you can share on any social media, making it even easier for potential members to find you online. With this added exposure, you can increase your club’s visibility and attract new members.

How to create your personal landing page?

First things first, head to your profile's dropdown and choose "Personal Page". Here you can add a brief description, choose the page’s color theme, add your social media and other links, including custom.

You will also get a variety of super responsive My.Club widgets to add and drag-and-drop on your page, like the Request menu, teaser posts, etc.

Throughout the whole process, you have a preview window on the right side to see all your changes and what your Personal Page will look like.

Lastly, you will decide on the name of your domain, choosing from 12 domain zones: .com, .net, .club, .fan, .vip, .me, .fitness, .love, .fans, .social, .page, .pro.

Once your Personal Page is ready comes the fun part: putting it out there for the world to see. Share it and promote it on all your social media via bios, stories, and posts. What's even cooler is that you will be able to keep track of the performance of your Personal Page through your My.Club analytics; in Personal Page > Statistics, you have be exclusive and insightful stats from your Personal page, such as page views by country and source, clicks, and CTR. With this valuable information, you can focus on what performs best and thus boost your earnings.

Keep in mind that this is an impactful tool to promote your club or any other sites. By having a personalized website address featuring your club's content and offerings that matches your club name, you create a cohesive and memorable brand image that will attract members.

Enable it now and skyrocket your fans: https://my.club/onlymylinks

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