Monetize your content and support creators you love!

If you’re a content creator on My.Club who has already received at least one payout, and you’re looking for ways to promote your club beyond the walls of My.Club without having to worry about getting blocked, then you’re in luck. With the promo page feature, you can create a unique landing page with a free custom domain that links out to your social media, My.Club, and other profiles.

This allows you to have your own unique website address representing your club that you can share on any social media, making it even easier for potential members to find you online. With this added exposure, you can increase your club’s visibility and attract new members.

How to create your personal landing page?

Note that only those creators who have had at least one payout can enjoy this feature.

First things first, head to Account Settings on My.Club, and then go to the Promo Page tab. Here you can add a brief description, choose the page’s color theme and add your social media and other links. Throughout the whole process, you have a preview window on the right side where you can see all your changes and how your promo page will look like.

Lastly, you will decide on the name of your domain, choosing from 12 domain zones: .com, .net, .club, .fan, .vip, .me, .fitness, .love, .fans, .social, .page, .pro.

Once your promo page is ready, comes the fun part: putting it out there for the world to see. Share it and promote it on all your social media and don’t worry about getting blocked; it’s 100% safe and all-sites friendly.

Keep in mind that this is an impactful tool to promote your club or any other sites. By having a personalized website address that matches your club name, you create a cohesive and memorable brand image that will attract members.

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