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So you thought that we were done discussing traffic? We still have a couple of aces up our sleeve that we’re about to share with you. Here are other ways (and features) to drive traffic to your club and help you earn more.

Top Clubs and Discover pages

On My.Club, there are two pages where creators are displayed by clubs, posts, hashtags, and special requests: Top Clubs and Discover. By appearing on these pages, you’ll be exposed to a broader audience, increasing your chances of attracting new subscribers.

To be featured on these discovery pages, you must post regular posts and Teaser posts often, set up a Request menu and update it regularly and use hashtags. In addition, to all of this, remember that the most important thing is to use all the features available on the site, as your position in Top Clubs and Discover is highly influenced by the club’s overall revenue, the number of subscribers, and their activity.

Hashtag best practices

Since using hashtags is an important part of being discoverable by new fans, you must make good use of them.

  • When hashtagging, opt for ones that fit your post and relate to the topic at hand. This draws the right crowd and makes it more likely that interested users will find your content.
  • Mix those content-related hashtags with others that are widely used and popular. This combo will help your reach and engagement skyrocket.
  • Using too many hashtags – not cool. About three to five maximum is the optimal amount. Otherwise, if you use too many hashtags, your post might look spammy or desperate for attention.
  • Avoid spaces, punctuation, or symbols within hashtags. Ensure your hashtags start with the ‘#’ symbol and are a continuous string of letters and numbers. Doing anything else will break the link, and your hashtag will be useless.

Collaboration posts

This is one of the best My.Club profile traffic hacks. The site offers the possibility to connect with other creators and post content featuring each other. This way, you can drive traffic from their profile to yours. You can post photos or videos together and tag or mention each other. You know what they say: teamwork makes the dream work.

Trial links are a fantastic way for content creators on My.Club to draw attention to their club and show why their content is worth paying for. By creating and sharing a trial link, you can offer a free trial membership that allows users to experience the benefits firsthand.

The process is simple: you specify the number of people who can use the link, how long it will remain active, and the length of the free trial, which can be up to 7 days. Once the link is ready, you can share it on social media platforms and in messages to potential members.

These links are a powerful incentive, enabling individuals to explore exclusive content and incentivizing them to become paying members.

Attracting new customers is cool, but it’s useless if they’re not engaged. In the next blog, we’ll teach you how to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

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