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Nowadays, almost everyone has access to the content creation world online, meaning that there’s a lot of competition out there. So if you want to earn good money as a content creator, standing out is key. And what’s the secret to set yourself aside from the rest? Finding and specializing in one niche, and creating your own personality. Let’s break it down to the basics.

Find your niche

Finding your niche is most likely one of the hardest parts of beginning your content creator journey. If your niche is too narrow, there might not be enough demand to attract a substantial audience. On the other hand, if your niche is too broad, you risk confusing your viewers and not establishing yourself as an expert in any particular subject.

When that happens, people are less likely to recommend you, and their interest in your content may wane. Therefore, the initial step in finding a niche that resonates with you is conducting thorough research to determine your specific interests and goals.

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How to identify your niche?

Think of your passions and things you’re good at

Discovering your passions and unique interests will drive your creative work and help you connect with your target audience. Start by introspecting your genuine likes and skills. Consider hobbies you love, and how they can be made into content. Also, think of things you excel at. Are you good with a certain fetish? Are you a talented dancer? Or maybe you enjoy snapping selfies? The space where your passions and things you’re good at converge, that is where you will find your niche.

Ask yourself these simple questions:

  • What sets me apart?
  • Why would this audience enjoy my content?
  • What impact do I want to have through my content?
  • What message is essential for people to know?

Find your unique voice

Once you have a general sense of the topics or content you'd like to explore, try experimenting with various styles or formats. It doesn't matter if you're not a qualified videographer or photographer as long as you're willing to approach the topic with passion.

Above all, be yourself and stay true to your values. Remember, audiences can tell if you're not being genuine or if you're pretending to be someone else just to get more likes.

Recognize gaps in the market

To uncover a fruitful niche, search for market voids. Gain a deep comprehension of your niche and its competitiveness. Analyze which topics and content are resonating with your target audience if you have content of your own. If content is scarce in your sub-niche, join online communities to unearth topics of interest and unanswered questions. If there is abundant content in your niche, conduct competitor research and find ways to offer something unique to your audience.

Put your personality out there and express yourself

The best way to let your fans and subscribers know who you are and what you’re all about, is through the platform’s features. Once you found your niche, it’s time to express yourself using the features in your profile.

Bio description

If you followed the steps in the previous blog about how to fill out your profile, then you already have a description in your bio. But it’s time to tweak it. Now that you already have your niche and a more clear idea of what kind of content you’ll create, it’s the moment to add it to your description to let potential subscribers know what to expect. You can also mention how often you will post.

Custom requests

The Request menu is a list with personalized activities that you can add to let fans know exactly what you’re offering, giving them the opportunity to request it directly from there. The best part about it is that since all the options to add are custom, you can include anything you can think of, even custom requests for fans to make.


With the Dream feature, you can set goals for your followers to support you with tips. It's one of the first things potential fans see when viewing your profile, located below your bio. Add your Dream and let fans know what you crave the most (and help you achieve it). A significant benefit is that anyone, whether they subscribe or not, can contribute.

Welcome messages

Greeting messages are a fantastic way to make a great first impression and establish an excellent creator-customer relationship. You can customize greetings for paid members, free users, and followers. Once they join your club or start following you, they'll receive your greeting (if it's activated). You can also attach media files to your greetings, which is a stellar move. Being nice and welcoming when someone visits your club if pivotal, especially if you want to come across as someone personable.

Teaser posts

Teaser Posts are an excellent way to highlight your content within and beyond My.Club and give users a teaser of your content. These posts can be accessed by anyone on the internet, even non-registered My.Club users. By including exciting content in your Teaser Posts, you can convert casual browsers into club members, and it’s a great way to give a sneak peek into your content so that everyone gets an idea of what you usually post.

Another cool thing is that pins keep your posts at the top of your profile. So, take your best shot, create a teaser, and tantalize everyone's taste buds!

Now that we’re done with the technicalities, it’s time for the fun part: let’s start posting!

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