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Whether you’re self-conscious or confident, rocking that perfect nude pic and knowing how to take boob pics can be quite a challenge. But now more than ever amidst a world of self isolation, nothing is sexier than an empowering nude selfie and sending boob pics to your lovers or fans. Plus, it might just be an excuse to break out that timeless art box featuring charcoals (very potentially sensual) from junior year of college. So why not let those baby buns fly free and get ready to rock some tasteful nudity? I say it’s time to learn how to take titty pics!

Whether you’re blessed with big or smaller tatas, we have the goods on all the do-it-yourself tips and tricks on how to take good boob pics. So grab your phone (and maybe some pens/notepads) for an unforgettable photo session, and send tit pics that will leave receivers drooling.

Be careful what you send

If you're thinking about sending a naughty pic, it's important to be aware of the potential hazards. Knowing how to take tit pics is not as important as knowing the risks that this activity entails. To be on the safe side, it’s recommendable to keep your face and any recognizable features out-of-frame just in case photos get leaked somewhere they shouldn't – not that anything can ever really be guaranteed when sharing such sensitive content though.

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To add an extra layer of protection, some people even go as far as adding fake tattoos before they send boob pics – definitely worth considering if you don’t trust or know your partner well enough yet...

Additionally, if you decide to share explicit content with a partner, consider making sure you have an open dialogue on what content is allowed and shared between the two of you. This will help ensure that both parties feel comfortable with the arrangement and setting boundaries for what each person is willing to accept or not.

Last but not least, think twice before deciding to send photos that may later come back to haunt you. Even if your partner seems trustworthy now, things can quickly change over time.

Find the right pose

Knowing how to take boob pictures with the perfect posing doesn't have to be hard, especially if you're rocking smaller boobs. Laying on your side not only adds gorgeous curves and contour but also gives you an extra boost of cleavage. Gravity becomes our bestie when it comes time to snap that pic, helping us create perky and round shots with ease.

For flattering pics of your hips, legs and stomach, try sitting on your knees with a slight lean forward. Or add some sass and flaunt those side boobs by lying back; this gives them an extra boost so they look perky in photos taken from one side at a lower angle. Now that's confidence-boosting posing at its finest!

Use your hands and arms for support

Take advantage of positioning your hands and arms in strategic ways to highlight whatcha got. Sitting on your knees, use one arm for support but also push it against the side of your breast for an extra boost; or if lying down try pushing up each boob individually or even bring both together in an embrace under the armpit. And why not go all out by gripping onto those bad boys? Not only will it give them some lift, but make things sizzle in front of the camera too.

Invest in the right lighting

How to take good pictures of your boobs if not with good lighting?

Lighting is paramount when taking boob photos or any type of photos in general, as it can make or break the shot. It's important to pay attention to key details like shadows and highlights, as they will have a strong effect on the final image. To create an effective nude photo with flattering light, natural window light is often the best option. Positioning your subject close to the window and allowing the ambient light to fall on them creates a gentle and even illumination. If additional lighting is needed for better control, a continuous light such as a softbox can be used. This type of lighting creates smooth transitions from highlight to shadow, resulting in beautiful gradients that enhance tonal values and add dimensionality to the photo.

To enhance the impact of a photograph and create an emotional connection with the viewer, consider adding props or subtle details that can give more context to the shot. A neutral colored sheet or blanket draped over a chair, for example, can provide a subtle backdrop that helps bring attention to your subject aka boobies. Additionally, strategic placement of other objects like flowers or books can add interesting accents and direct attention away from areas that are not well lit or not suitable for nude photography.

Don’t worry so much about the angle

You don't need to pull off a magazine-quality shoot for your Tuesday-night nudes, because the lowkey ones can be just as hot. Trust us, we've seen them. But if you want some ease of use without any extra effort, we suggest investing in yourself (or someone special) with one of those handy selfie sticks and get ready to show 'em what ya got!

Build anticipation

Start slow and make sure that it's meaningful – no need for close-ups of any body parts right away (most people aren't into those anyway). Instead, pick out one sexy part on your bod and take pics from multiple angles before sending them off all at once or stretched over time. That'll draw in their attention while they imagine what else there is lurking beneath and will allow them to savor each image as they come.

You can also add in some humorous captions or emojis instead of just sending photos. This will help bring more emotion into your sexting experience and give it that extra boost of sexiness.

At the end of the day, remember that sexting should be about creating an intimate connection between two people. Take your time crafting thoughtful messages and photos that emphasize one specific body part rather than rushing into things with multiple body parts all at once. Doing this will ensure that both partners feel comfortable and create an enjoyable sexual experience for everyone involved!

Think beyond photos

We cannot go over the topic of how to take pictures of your boobs, without mentioning videos. Sending a sexy video featuring your breasts could be a great way to add more excitement to your sexting exchange. Pre-record a tantalizing clip of yourself in the dark for a more engaging experience. You can also string photos together and zoom over parts of your body; if that's too much, record some movement of nakedness instead. Even looping audio into video is great fun – simple yet fulfilling. Clips don't have to take long either, so forget about trying to make it high budget quality like porn films. Amateur style will often do just as good.

Use technology to your advantage

We’ve already seen how to take sexy boob pics, but how to send bob pictures? For iPhone users looking to add a bit of spice to their sexting game, using the quirky invisible ink feature is a must when sending their boob pic. Your partner will get an extra thrill as they 'scratch off' your photo and watch it evaporate shortly afterwards! Other than iMessage-ing, Snapchat's also great for sending messages that disappear after 24 hours. Let texting be part of foreplay with these naughty tricks.

Moreover, consider protecting your juicy pics. If you're getting saucy in the DMs, it's crucial to make sure your nudes go where they need to. That means using a separate app for sending sexy snaps, so that won't get mixed up with regular text messages. Try switching over from chatting on an iMessage or SMS and try out something like WhatsApp or another chat service specifically designated as sexting safe.


Now that you already know how to take the best boob pics, it’s time to jump into action. Whether they’re for yourself or someone else, don’t forget that the best thing about boobs is that it's no one-size-fits-all photos. Feel free to be creative and make them unique to you. As long as you practice taking pictures and experiment with different lighting, backgrounds, and poses, you’ll be producing top-notch boob snaps in no time! Now get out there and show off that bodacious body of yours!

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