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Even if you don’t watch adult videos, chances are you know who Eva Elfie is, and that’s because she’s one of the most famous personalities of the moment. In fact, even if you didn’t know her name, her face probably rings a bell. But who is Eva Elfie? How old is Eva Elfie? And where is Eva Elfie from? Let’s answer those questions and learn about Eva Elfie bio.

Eva Elfie biography

Yulia Sergeevna Romanova, commonly known by her stage name Eva Elfie, was born in Omsk, Russia, on May 27, 2000.

Like many other gen Zers, her professional career kick started on social media, when she started sharing her photos and videos on Instagram. With that curvaceous figure and angelical face, it’s no surprise that she gain popularity in a short span of time, amassing millions of likes and comments under every post. Eva Elfie’s measurements might be partly to blame for all her success, as she has the dream body everyone wishes to have.

Following her rising fame as an Instagram model/influencer, she was scouted to work as a fashion model and signed for various modeling agencies in Russia. According to Eva Elfie’s wiki information, she collaborated with numerous makeup, skincare, fashion and apparel brands, on top of being featured on the covers of different fashion and lifestyle magazines.

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But it wasn’t until 2018 that she decided to give a try to the adult industry, making her debut as an adult film actress. In no time, she became one of the most promising and popular performers in the adult movie industry.

However, the content she creates is not only about adult. She also has a TikTok account where she shares short videos doing lip sync, dancing, etc. Apart from that, she also has a YouTube channel that she created on February 14, 2020. There, she mostly uploads videos that very in content, such as vlogs, fashion videos, and even social experiments.

And if you thought one of the most famous adult content creators was not going to be found on My.Club… you were of course wrong! Eva Elfie has her own My.Club account where you can see exclusive videos and photos that only real fans get to see.

Long story short, we can conclude that Eva Elfie is an adult content creator, YouTuber, TikToker and model.

Eva Elfie info

Eva Elfie age: 22 years old
Eva Elfie nationality: Russian
Eva Elfie height: 5’8”
Eva Elfie weight: 53 kg
Eva Elfie bra size: 36
Eva Elfie boyfriend: unknown
Eva Elfie net worth: estimated to be around $3 million

Where does Eva Elfie live?

At the moment, this beauty is based in the US, more precisely in LA. But that doesn’t mean that she stays there all the time. She actually claims to have a huge wanderlust, and is often traveling to different destinations, like Singapore, Georgia, or Indonesia.

From her LA home, female model Eva Elfie answered some of our questions that most fans were eager to know.

Q: Most people want to know Eva Elfie real name, but I’d rather ask: where does that stage name come from?

A: I chose Elfie because when I was a kid I had elfin ears and other kids would pick on me because of that, so I decided to turn that liability into an asset, and it seemed to have worked!

Q: What’s the secret to becoming one of the most popular adult content creators out there?

A: I don’t really know! I think the main drawcard was that me and my partner always tried to film something unique and creative. Plus, we would play with the stepsister role, which is a very popular genre. Likewise, I think my appearance is very unique and different from other American actresses who are also on Pornhub. I mean, I look like that ‘girl next door’. I could be your friend, classmate, or someone’s sister. Thus, I fit quite well in the ‘stepsister’ role.

Q: Do you tap into another persona when you’re creating your content?

A: At the beginning yeah, I was playing a character: a young girl who liked video games. But then I realised that that was actually me, I do love video games. So I’d say that this is my authentic self.

Q: How would you say your life has changed since you became famous?

A: It changes immensely but for the better of course. Now I have more free time to spend it on the things I really love. Moreover, I really started enjoying the work that I do. Now I also get recognized on the street, which was weird at first, but I already got used to it. The good thing is that all my friends and even my parents know that I’m a porn star, I don’t hide it.

Q: Speaking of that, how do you feel about fame and people stopping you on the street?

A: I’m always positive when people ask me for a picture or an autograph. I was annoyed only once when a person stalked me, found my location on stories and came to ask for a picture. I refused since it was weird and he started complaining that he spent 3 hours getting to the place where I was. So I replied that that was not a valid reason, if I don’t want to take a picture, that’s that. Then, he just left. That was the only time I refused. In general, I’m always ok with it.

Q: Your dream collab would be with…

A: Dzharakhov. He’s a Russian video blogger and rap artist. He has a cool podcast and I believe we could do something funny or simply chat. I also admire Ivleeva (another Russian blogger). I love how she develops and promotes her business, especially her Instagram. I really like her image and I think we also could do something cool together.

Q: How would you like your future to look like?

A: This is really hard to answer because you never know what could happen or get in the way, but for example, when I think of 40-year-old me, I see a dog and a house in the picture. Preferably, I’d like to always live in a warm place.

Q: If you were not a porn star, what would you like to be?

A: Definitely a model. If I didn’t do this, I would still want to be one.

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