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Being a content creator it’s not only about creating and selling content. It’s about interaction overall, and as such, you will often find yourself chatting with fans.

Being a content creator also means that anything can be a good money-making opportunity, so why not monetize those chats?

Boost your earnings with message packs

Verified creators on My.Club have the power to take their interaction with fans to a whole new level with message packs. This feature allows you to sell exclusive packs of messages to your fans, offering a unique and personalized way to engage with you.

Imagine offering your fans a 10-message pack, enabling them to send you 10 messages over time. The best part? The bigger the pack they purchase, the bigger the discount they receive, creating a win-win situation for both you and your fans. Message packs can be of 20, 40, 100, 200 or 400 messages/pack, and you can select a discount from 0% to 50% for each one.

On the Messenger page, which is located in Account Settings, you can set your custom price from 0.25$ to 5$. By selecting the cost per message, you will automatically generate the cost of a basic package of 20 messages. After clicking the “Next” button, the “Add more message packs”, an option to create additional message pack plans will appear.

Message packs provide a direct and intimate channel for your fans to communicate with you. It fosters a deeper bond between you and your audience, resulting in a loyal and dedicated fan base. As fans buy larger message packs to avail enticing discounts, your earnings receive a substantial boost. This incentive encourages your supporters to engage more frequently and invest in a more extensive messaging experience.

Unlock new revenue streams with individual post sales

We already know that message packs are great, but how to get users interested in messaging you in the first place? Paid individual posts might do the trick! The regular posts that are free for your paid members can be paid to free members and guests. That’s the first step to converting them into paying members.

With this feature, free members and guests can unlock these exclusive posts through a one-time purchase. For you it’s an opportunity to earn from your content even from users who haven't subscribed to your club yet, and potentially entice them to do so. By selectively selling individual posts, you can curate and showcase your most valuable and exclusive content.

To create a paid post for free members and guests, click on “+ Create” > "Regular Post" > "Pay-to-unlock".

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