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Wanna hear what people think about your dick?

If you’re a content creator specializing in adult content, chances are you will be asked to do a dick rating – that’s if you haven’t received such a request yet.

Dick ratings are becoming the new craze in the online adult world, and are a real money maker. So if you want to diversify and boost your earnings, we suggest you get familiar with them to start offering such services. But before anything else; what is dick rating? Let’s find out.

What is a dick rating?

It’s exactly what it sounds like: a person rating another person’s male member. Pretty self-explanatory. It typically comes as an out-of-ten cock rating and a critique based on various characteristics.

Think about all those unsolicited dick pics that you probably get in your inbox; providing dick rates for them would be the perfect way to monetize the trouble. In fact, that’s what many adult content creators are doing already. They may offer dick-rating services on their pages, which goes as follows: the client pays an agreed fee and sends a photo of his cock. Then, the creator, answers with a number from 1 to 10 and makes some remarks about the dick.

Want to get your dick rated?

My.Club is full of creators looking forward to rate someone's dick – you could be that ‘someone’ right away

Request a Dick Rating

So a more accurate answer to the question “what are dick ratings” would be that is your new chance to skyrocket your earnings. However, before getting started, it’s important to understand what the client is actually looking for when he pays for getting his cock rated.

Why do men want cock rates?

It’s human to compare ourselves to others, even if we do it subconsciously. The media and the advent of traditional porn didn’t help either, as it put a lot of pressure on guys to have a big dick that would be hard for hours. So it’s easy to see why some men would get insecure about their junk – we all have a lot of unrealistic expectations to live up to.

And what happens when you don’t have anywhere to turn to for reassurance and validation about your penis? That online dick ratings surface as a solid option! Plus, let’s not forget about fetishists; there are people who get off on having their dick laughed at or humiliated (heard of small penis humiliation?), so this section of the public would also happily pay for a dick rating.

Types of dick ratings

Honest dick rating

This is the most common type of dick rating, as most men want to know your genuine thoughts and feelings about their junk. It’s very easy to do as you just have to give them an honest review. If they have a big cock, you can add a little compliment about the size, or if they have a smaller one, compliment the head or the veins. That will give them a little ego boost which is always appreciated. So even if you are honest, try to always include a little something to make them feel proud.

Dick worship

What is a dick rate catered to someone who wants their penis worshiped? Basically, praise of their dick. Here is where you let your nympho side run wild and tell him that his, is the best and most majestic dick you have ever seen and that you would love to ride it all day long. It’s all about stroking their ego through their dick.

Small penis humiliation (SPH)

Men looking for this kind of dick rating just want to be degraded. A SPH dick rating example would be you embarrassing them and laughing at their pathetic cock. In short, you must become a bully.

Some men might not even have a small dick, but still want it humiliated, in which case you would have to take the approach of telling them that their dick is unsatisfying, worthless, and that you wouldn’t ride it even if they paid you.

How to do dick ratings

The best part about rating penises is that it’s something fairly easy to do and 0 time-consuming. You don’t have to rack your brains to come up with some content ideas; you just have to react to what’s in front of you, that simple.

Now, with that being said, there’s a paved way on how to do a dick rate. It should consist of two parts: the first one is about the details of your client’s cock, and the second one is about your desires and how you feel about his dick.

For starters, try describing the penis in detail instead of making general remarks about penises in general. Asses aspects like the girth, curve, length, grooming, the ratio of the size, veins, and any other unique features it may have. After that, it’s time to give it an actual cock rate. From one to ten, put a number on it.

For the second part, focus on what you would do with their cock if you had the chance. Choose a tone of voice that matches the kind of cock rating you’re giving. Get creative and use captivating words that make them envision how it would be to have their dick in the same room as you. Make it more personalized by addressing them by their name.

So to recap on how to rate a dick and get good money for it, remember the magic formula: detailed description of the client’s dick + how you feel about it and what you would do to it + a little personalization to make him feel special.

How much can you charge to rate penises?

The pricing for dick ratings depends on the delivery medium you select, whether it's written, audio, or video. Keep in mind that the cost increases as you move up in mediums.

Written ratings

These cock ratings are simple and convenient to complete, and they have the potential to establish connections with new clients. Typically, content creators and adult performers are charging $10 for this type of review. Although they may not generate significant income initially, they create opportunities for building relationships with clients. For instance, you can share your rating and then follow up later with a recommendation for a new video on your content creator account that you believe they would enjoy.

Audio ratings

This rating option lets you record a brief audio clip discussing your customer’s dick. Audio ratings can be more lucrative than written ones because men find them sexier – hearing your voice is a plus, and it also feels more personal. Moreover, you can play with the voice element by adding an ASMR tone and even letting out a moan here and there.

If for written ratings the average price is $10, for audio ones you can charge $15.

Video ratings

This is where the money rolls in. A quick video, just a few minutes long, can earn you up to $50. You can even charge extra depending on how much skin you show because of course, you can up your dick rating game by delivering it nude. Here are some dick rating examples and their suggested prices:

  • Regular video rating - $25
  • Topless rating - $35
  • Full nude rating - $50

Men are visual beings, so videos are the perfect way to make a strong first impression and entice them into becoming loyal followers.

Wrapping up

As you can see, doing dick ratings can be a simple way to earn some extra cash without putting in too much effort. Just make sure you ask your client what kind of rating they are looking for and only accept requests that you're comfortable with.

It's important to note that after delivering your dick rating, you might get asked for a sexting session or anything else, meaning the retention worked. What are dick rates if not a way to hunt and engage fans? So be prepared with your request menu set so that they know the prices for any additional services. Searching for inspiration? Check out some of the cool My.Club content ideas that will sell like crazy.

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