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Driving traffic to your club is easy if you know how, or we should better say, if you follow these tips that we’re about to give you. So buckle up and read on for the best practices to promote your club. Let’s lure some new users in!

Use social media to invite fans

Most of your first fans will come from your social media efforts. The question is… which platforms are best to promote your club? Since My.Club allows adult content, you must focus on those social media sites that are more tolerant with NSFW content.


When it comes to social media platforms that welcome adult content, Twitter takes the crown. The best part is, Twitter has an awesome feature that filters or blocks NSFW content (unless you decide to tinker with your settings). You're free to post nudity without any consequences.

If you can squeeze your My.Club shoutout into 140 characters or less, Twitter is the way. And hey, it's the preferred choice of countless adult performers who rock the M.Club scene.

Pro tip: tease your audience with tweets

A stellar move to lure people to your last post, is to tweet with a link directing to it, adding a little tease. Teasing your audience serves as an effective way to generate interest and curiosity, leading to increased engagement. The key to do it right is to build anticipation; a well-crafted teaser can ignite curiosity and make fans eager to discover more.

So each time you post on My.Club, make sure you let everyone know via:

  • Tweets

You already know you have the Twitter autopost option at your disposal. Select the option to share on Twitter every new post you make on My.Club, and then pick from several pre-made messages or create your own. Avoid unnecessary fluff; keep it concise, while also ensuring that is attention-grabbing.

You can post other tweets promoting your post and adding visuals to it, to whet everyone’s appetite and make sure they will go check it out to see the full view. You can also experiment with different formats and tweet behind-the-scenes glimpses, sneak peeks, or cliffhangers. Vary your storytelling techniques to maintain freshness and appeal, but always including a common element: the teasing.


Reddit is the ultimate go-to as the absolute best platform for any adult content creator.  After Twitter, it’s the most adult-friendly platform, and it has tons of traffic that you can tackle by crossposting your content via subreddits. When it comes to finding your perfect audience, Reddit subreddits wield incredible power. Keep an eye out for those NSFW subreddits – they're where you'll discover your true target audience.

To navigate Reddit successfully, and post in those renowned subreddits, you'll need a healthy amount of post and comment karma (read: likes or upvotes), as well as an account that's been around the block a few times. So, if you're new to Reddit, success might seem tricky at first. Fear not! With time and the right strategy, triumph shall be yours.

To gain posting credibility on Reddit, you've got two routes. The first is amassing post karma and comment karma (think of them as the keys to the kingdom). The second path involves letting your account mature like a fine wine. Alternatively, you can opt for verification posts to show those subreddit mods that you're the real deal.

The process of verification is quite simple. Just display a banner showcasing your subreddit name and your Reddit username, and voila! You'll be verified, allowing you to post on that subreddit without fear of banishment or deleted posts.


Over the years, Snapchat has skyrocketed in popularity. And guess what? Some savvy users have even started selling exclusive Snapchats to their loyal followers. If you happen to be one of those folks with a bunch of premium Snapchat fans, they might just be ready to take the plunge and subscribe to your one-of-a-kind My.Club page.

Here's the deal: whenever you feel like it, drop a link to promote your club so your premium Snapchat squad can easily "swipe up" and join the fun.


We all know TikTok's strict policy against adult content, right? Getting your account banned is no joke. But let's face the truth here, the popularity and traffic on TikTok are off the charts. So, how can you promote your My.Club account on this platform without breaking any rules?

Time to get creative with your moves. Start by checking out other content creators in your niche on TikTok. See how they promote their My.Club profiles. Take notes, but put your own twist on it. Create regular videos and hop on those trending hashtags to gain some serious attention.

Once you've gathered a solid following, it's time to go live! Promote your My.Club profile during a live TikTok session. But, here's the key: don't be too obvious about it. Avoid captions or direct mentions of My.Club in your regular posts. Instead, play it smart. Share your username and other My.Club details during the live sessions. Let your followers in on the secrets.


YouTube pulls the plug on adult content, so promoting your club in the description of your videos is not an option. However, to safely put the word out there, you can mention it in your videos. This way, you will dodge YouTube’s moderation and will be able to let everyone know about your profile.

The coolest part about YouTube is that it pays creators when their videos get a good amount of engagement, unlike other platforms.

Instagram and Facebook

Instagram and Facebook, the dynamic duo of social media platforms, have captivated millions of users with the potential to become your loyal followers. However, navigating the guidelines regarding sexual content can be a challenge. So, here's how you can cleverly promote your club without breaching the rules.

When sharing tantalizing pictures, strike the perfect balance between alluring and modest. Your captions should be enticing, yet not overly explicit or offensive to avoid any rejections from these platforms.

Here are the do's for Facebook and Instagram:

  • Set your profile to public to enhance your visibility
  • Share teasing content, but ensure it stays within the boundaries of nudity guidelines
  • Utilize hashtags to expand your reach

Now, let's talk about the don'ts on these platforms:

  • Absolutely no posting of any pornographic content
  • Refrain from using sexually explicit language in comments, captions, or anywhere else
  • Avoid hashtags that contain explicit sexual content

With these unique strategies, you can make your mark on these platforms while adhering to their regulations.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to drive traffic to your club is by leveraging the “link in bio” feature on social media platforms. This strategy is particularly useful on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter, where creators often utilise this feature to direct their audience to more info. You might now be wondering how safe it is to share your My.Club link especially on the first two, since they both ban all things adult; well, remember the promo page we talked about in the previous blog? This is where it comes in handy.

Instead of adding your club’s link to your Instagram bio, for example, add your custom link to your My.Club’s promo page. Your audience will reach your club anyways, and you won’t risk getting banned.


Always provide a clear call-to-action in your posts on social media. Encourage fans to click the link to see the full post, leave a comment, share their thoughts, or just engage with your content in some way.

Your part in promoting your club and posts is done. Now the rest is on us. Let us tell you about the ways in which we can and will promote you.

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