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Maybe you want to up your sexting game with your fling/long-term partner, send a spicy Snapchat to someone you just met online, or open an OnlyFans. Any of the former are valid reasons for wanting to learn how to take nudes as a man. Cause, let’s face it gentlemen: guys don’t know how to take male nudes. At least good ones.

So, how do guys take nudes then? While girls know how to take good nudes, men usually feel fulfilled after whipping out their meat and snapping a shot. You might think that’s all it takes to take a nude, and that’s precisely the typical newbie’s mistake. Believe it or not, in the fine art of naked photos, there’s more than one way to take a dick pic, and more elements to show too.

After a quick Google search, we noticed that there are not a lot of guides on how to take nudes as a guy, so we thought we’d create our own for our male audience.

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The first step is making sure that the person at the other side of the screen actually wants your nudes. Nobody wants an unsolicited dick pic, and if any guy thinks that’s hot, chances are they are not pulling anyone.

How to send nudes as a man?

You’ve probably heard by now that it’s not about the destination, but the journey. Same could be applied to nudes. It’s not so much about how to take good nudes as a guy, but about what leads to that. The lead-up is very important, sometimes even more than the final shot, so you want to kick it off by exchanging verbal sext before you get to the visual footage. What works wonders is asking if they’re down to seeing something hot. It can be straight to the point “I’m so horny. Can I send you a pic?” or more subtle “I wish I could show you how hard I am”. Wait to see how they answer and proceed from there.

How to take male nudes?

Men don’t show their butts enough, so it’s time to change that. Don’t limit yourself to dick pics and go for ass shots as well. You can use a mirror to ensure you get the right angle, or the foolproof lying on your tummy and taking the photo over the shoulder so that the ass is popping.

Moreover, other less popular or traditionally sexy body parts can feature your nude as well. Most girls love a good sexy and strong back, so you can include it in your picture, or even your thighs. Don’t underestimate how sexy photos of other parts of the body can be. You can also include hands in your dick pics and make them the main character. Or think about a photo of your torso, wearing boxers, with just the outline of the dick – extra points if your v lines game strong. Who doesn’t find v lines sexy?

Even chest hair can be sexy (there’s probably even a fetish for it), so you can also make sure it’s visible in your nudes.

One of the body parts that is often overlooked when taking dick pics are the balls, so shine a spotlight on them with a frontwards angle if you’re lying down. This way, the photo will create the illusion as if the viewer were looking at them from that direction.

How to pose for nudes as a male?

Posing as a man for photos can be a tricky business. First, it's important to remember that men are typically more square-shouldered than women, so try to emphasize your broad shoulders by slightly turning your body away from the camera. Secondly, men tend to have shorter necks than women, so don't be afraid to tilt your chin down slightly to create the illusion of a shorter neck. Finally, remember that men typically have less curves than women, so avoid any poses that accentuate your feminine figure.

For a playful look, try sitting on the ground completely naked with your legs crossed, concealing the big Prize. This pose is great for naughty photos as it teases the viewer. Another great idea for a sexy look, is trying to stand with one leg forward and your hips tilted to the side. This pose is perfect for flaunting your assets or for appearing seductive in photos.

Keep your clothes on if you want

The world of the Internet and all things online comes with its dangers, especially when it comes to sending nudes. If you want to be precautious, you might want to consider keeping your face out of the picture, along with any identifying tattoos in your body. Another option though, is not going full nude.

It might sound surprising, but not all nudes are nude in the most literal sense of the word. Sexy pics of you in boxers teasing your audience can also be considered a nude.

If you need some male nude ideas with clothes on, think of a photo of you showing your torso while you pull up your shirt with your teeth so that your abs and chest are revealed. You can also wear some kind of sexy underwear and pose in it. Another great idea is playing with the covers of your bed to hide certain parts of your body that you don’t want to be seen. You can also play around the idea of showing the tip of your dick, but not all of it, in a fully clothed photo (it’s all about the teasing). And how about one where you have your pants on, but your boner is perceptible? You can’t go wrong with that.

Keep a clean background

How to take gay nudes if not with a neat background? This should be obvious, but just in case: double check your background and make sure that you don’t have any dirty laundry on the bed or any other objects out of place. Pay careful attention to what appears in the frame.

We’re talking only about dealbreakers here like toilets, dirty dishes or trash cans. That’s not to say that you cannot include props in your nudes, like attractive lamps, plants, books, etc. As long as it enhances (not distracts), it’s good to go.

You can also use props to your benefit like chairs to pose on, sheets to tease with, or mirrors to play with creative shots – mirror selfie, booty pics, front pics… it’s all possible with a mirror. This will enable you to produce a more diverse array of shots.

Find your angle and light

Anyone with certain photography knowledge will know that what matters is not so much how you look or how you pose but having the right lighting and finding the right angle.

You can experiment and see what works for you, but as a rule of thumb, bright overhead lights are not it. Instead, you should aim for a natural light (anytime from afternoon to evening). A ring light or table night will also do the work. In any case, natural or artificial, the light source should be facing you when you take the photo. It should never be behind you.

There’s a third option if you’ve already missed peak daylight hours and don’t have any good artificial lights at home, which is using candles. They will be useful to light up your shots and will create a more romantic vibe.

Regarding positions and angles, you want to place your phone in level with your chest or even lower. On top of that, try to put your phone as far away as you can from you. This might be hard to do, especially if you’re trying to snap a selfie, but what are self timers for?

Post-edit if needed

Don’t be afraid to do some little postproduction if necessary. Even professionals do it! If a shot looks amazingly perfect, it’s probably because it was retouched after it was taken, so don’t feel bad for downloading a photo editing app and working its magic.

One of the most popular ones is Adobe Lightroom, where you can create preset filters for your pictures, fix the contrast, light, etc.

Conclusion – have fun!

The most important thing is to not take yourself too seriously and enjoy taking your nudes (it’s actually a pretty fun thing to do). Be playful and flirtatious to give it a more appealing approach whether you want to become a male webcam model or send them to your partner.

It doesn’t have to be all static pictures. You can also make a cheeky or sexy video, like for example one where you’re cooking with an apron on and nothing underneath.

Most of all, enjoy the process as you go, because it will show and will thus result in a better response from whoever you’re sending your spicy pics to. Sending nudes doesn’t only have to turn the other person on, it can also turn you on.

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