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You have just created a new account on My.Club, your profile is looking fire, and all other technicalities are tackled. Now what?

If this is what you’re wondering right now, you’re not alone. It’s the blank syndrome of content creators: you’re ready to see those dollars rolling in, but you don’t actually know where to start or what kind of content to offer to your audience.

That’s why we want to lend you a helping hand by giving you some content ideas for My.Club that will help you get off to a great start. Even if you’re a veteran who just wants to change things up or, this article is also for you.

Pro tips to grow your following

Before diving into My.Club post ideas, let us remind you of the importance of having a strong fanbase. No great content idea will work or bring you much if you don’t have engaged followers watching from the other side of the screen. Also, the more followers you have, the more likely it will be that others stumble upon your page should you be promoting it correctly. So here are some key tips to maximize your following.

Follow in top creators’ footsteps

Check what other successful creators on the site are doing to get inspiration and learn how to kill it with your content.

Create your Club

Post every day

Noticed how influencers keep staying relevant and popping in your feed on Instagram, while your friends and other non-famous people might not? It’s not because you’re following them per se, but because they are posting daily to make sure that you don’t forget they exist. That’s the key to engagement, posting content regularly. The industry is too competitive for you to not post at least once per day (top performers may post even 3-5 times per day).

Never re-use content

One of the best and most efficient ways to lose subscribers, is re-posting old content. So don’t do it. If your followers see that you’re getting lazy, they will quickly lose interest in you and your content.

Be responsive

Keeping good communication with fans goes a long way. Never ignore any message and make sure to be always be friendly and responsive. You can even ask your followers for feedback on your content, and ask them what they want to see more of. They will feel involved and will also give you ideas for free.

My.Club ideas that users will love

  1. Create episodic content

Nothing makes fans hit that subscribe button like making them excited to see your next piece of content. The idea is to follow the trick TV shows pull, but with your content: center it around a certain topic, and create it in a sequential way. Thus, members will have no choice but to keep an eye on your next upload to know how the “story” will follow.

A lot of vloggers use this method which proves effective at hooking fans. Videos will obviously make for a better storytelling, but photos will work too. However, don’t fret if you don’t have to go crazy about details and coming up with a plot. An easier version of a series can be the famous “Throwback Thursday”. How about creating a “Workout Tuesday” where every week you give your fans a new piece of your workout routine or sexy gym content? They’ll certainly be looking forward to that.

2. Teach your fans

If you have specific knowledge on something and you’re not monetizing it yet… what are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate to share your expertise with your fans and make money off it. They will be delighted to acquire new skills or learn something new from their idol. You can create engaging tutorials (once again, episodic content), demos, or how-tos on anything you’re a master on.

3. Cosplay footage

Jumping on the bandwagon of cosplay would be a smart move, as more and more people are getting into it and even paying for it. There’s a huge niche for cosplay content, with users wishing to see their favorite anime characters in flesh and bones. What’s more, you can combine cosplay with other adult content ideas and tease your audience. Cosplay fetishists love to get to see the naughty version of Sailor Moon, if you know what I mean.

4. Make your own music video

If we’re talking about video content, making your own music video to a song would kill it. It’s creative, it’s fun, and if done well, it will be mesmerizing for anyone to watch. You don’t have to be professional, rather, just make sure that the song matches your outfit and scenario. You can even dance and flaunt those secret moves you have.

5. Take off your clothes

It’s not what it looks like. Yes, the idea is to end up naked or in your undies, but the beauty of it will be doing it slowly, in a sexy striptease so that your fans enjoy the process. It will build anticipation towards what you will reveal next, and that would drive anyone nuts. It’s all about the teasing.

6. Shower photoshoot

Following along the lines of the sensual content, we have shower photoshoots, which are fun and a chance to get super creative. Everyone loves to see people in the shower, so members would definitely enjoy some shower footage. You don’t actually have to be naked; a bikini will still get the job done, and since you’re not fully flashing, it can be even more suggestive and therefore sexy.

7. Explore a fetish

There are as many fetishes as people on this planet, so there’s no shortage of content ideas in this one. You can cater to foot fetishes for example, and take beautiful shots of your feet in nice pedicure, with high heels, or just bare as they are. Foot fetish is the easiest one to do as you won’t require much, and the best part is that it has a great demand.

8. Make a vlog series

You don’t need to have an extraordinary life for people to be interested in it. As long as you’re on the spotlight, your fans will love to know what you’re up to during your day and what your week looks like. So don’t miss the opportunity to exploit this, and make a vlog series covering any aspect of your life you want. You can even focus on other topics you might be interested in (doesn’t have to be about yourself). Just choose a subject and record yourself discussing it. This will also open the debate for your followers, making it engaging for everyone involved.

9. Host a Q&A session

Who’s the star of your My.Club account, if not you? Hosting a Q&A is a great way to connect with your followers and allow them to know you better. It’s similar to an interview, but it’s your followers the ones making the questions. You can make a post asking them to drop their questions they would want you to answer, and then you select the ones you prefer, and answer them in a follow-up video.

10. Make couples or group content

If you have a significant other that you can produce content with, that’d be great, as it has a broad appeal for a wide range of followers. But if you don’t, it’s fine; that’s what the My.Club community is for. My.Club allows you to connect with other creators with the purpose of collaborating together. Then, you can post content featuring each other.

11. Behind the scene footage

This is a type of content that became very popular in recent years, and for you, is saving you time of work. Imagine you prepare a super cool photoshoot in your favorite outfits. All you’ll have to do is shoot in the background how all of that is done, and voila! You’ll have content for two different occasions.

12. Pool photos and videos

Pool content is always very pleasing for the eye. It elicits summer vibes, it’s fresh, it usually involves some skin exposure and it’s fun. Convinced yet?

Even if you don’t have a proper pool, you can still buy a cheap inflatable one to do the shoot in. Flaunt your swimwear and play with the water to create cool shots. Moreover, if you want to offer the premium version of this type of content, you can change the water for foam and produce amazing foam party footage.

13. Share your My.Club journey

One of the My.Club video ideas that will work best, is actually sharing your own journey on the platform. Users like to see the unattainable creator, but also the person behind it. It’s inspiring to learn about the struggles creators go through in order to get to where they are today, so if you have any interesting stories about your beginnings, share it with your subscribers. It’s also not the typical content most creators will post, so that will make it stand out from the crowd.

14. Motivational videos and posts

People love to watch motivation videos and feel inspired, as it helps them stay focused on their goals. Make videos showing a life’s journey that might inspire someone, whether that is relationship or fitness related. If the latter, you can make it episodic by regularly posting photos or videos of the process and your transformation, sharing tips that are helping you, etc.

15. Routine tasks turned sexy

The title might sound confusing, but in fact, the idea is pretty simple and easy to execute. You just take any everyday activity or task you usually do, swap your clothes for a bikini of any revealing skimpy clothes, and that’s all. For example, do you know how to play the piano? Then record yourself playing it in a sexy dress, or even naked (you can place the camera behind, so that you don’t actually flash your assets). The same applies for anything else, such as cleaning the house, cooking (think of an apron with nothing underneath), etc.

16. Holiday related content

With all the holidays that we have in the year, it would be a waste not to use them as the theme of your posts. This way, you don’t even have to bother about thinking of new content ideas. Just mark the important dates and festivities down your calendar, and the rest will come along.

Some examples of holidays that you can use for your content are Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, 4th of July, Pride Month, Star Wars Day, Oktoberfest, Thanksgiving and St. Patricks Day to name a few. You’ll just need a little investment in the props for decoration and themed outfit, but the results will be amazing and will make your content diverse and original.

How to avoid burnout

Seeing this long list of different ideas can be exciting but also overwhelming. “How can I manage to pull them all off? And how can I get everything ready for the shooting? When to post what?”

Do not fret. First, take a deep breath, and then, keep on reading.

Being organised will save you lots of headache and will also get the job done right. Consider getting an agenda or calendar, and after choosing the ideas you want to feature in your content, schedule them for the month ahead. Thus, you won’t have to think on the spot what you will post on the day. Rather, you will already have everything planned, and will just have to go check what you have for that day, and post it.

Logically, you will need to have all content ready. Don’t film and shoot every day. The best and most efficient thing you can do, is dedicate one day a week or a couple of days per month to spend the whole day just making tons of content. Yes, in the same day you will shoot your Halloween, pool, makeup tutorial, and even workout content. This way you will be covered for the rest of the month and posting in the designated day will be a breeze of fresh air.

Once you know how to make My.Club content, the next step will just be to promote it. If you don’t know how and need to learn how to promote your My.Club account, we can also give you a hand with that.

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