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It’s 2022, content-selling platforms have sprung up like mushrooms and so have adult creators and influencers who sell adult content online for a living. It seems as if everyone and their mother are selling content online, yet, you don’t even know where to start.

Does it resonate with you?

If you’re thinking of starting to make money off your NSW photos and videos, but you don’t know how, this guide is for you: we’ve put together all the information you need to know on how to make money with adult content.

How to make money selling adult content?

Most people nowadays turn to online subscription-based platforms to sell their content. The premise is very simple: you choose the site that better suits your needs, create a content creator’s account, and will immediately have at your disposal all the tools you need to sell your content. You can sell both videos and photos, and in some cases even live streams.

In most cases, you will have to grow your fanbase by promoting your account on social media and spreading the word among your friends, although your platform might also offer other means to do the promotion. But let’s first go through every point one by one.

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Type of content you can sell

  • Nudes and adult content - those nudes sitting on your camera roll could be making you some good money (no need to pretend like we don’t all snap a shot here and there when we feel sexy in our birth suit 😏). So why let them go to waste when you could be selling nudes online? You can also put some effort into it and create specific shots for your sale, which would probably generate more money. For example, feet pics for all foot fetishists out there, etc.
  • Adult clips - you can make customised short videos aimed at specific fetishes, or create any kind of oral sex/anal play content to suit all tastes.
  • Homemade porn - amateur porn is still (and probably will always be) in style, so consider putting a camera and hitting “Play” during your sex or masturbation sessions. You were going to do it anyway, so you might as well record it and sell it so that it can bring you pleasure + money.
  • Cam shows - if you’re already in the webcam industry and work on a site like Stripchat, you can double your earnings by recording your cam shows and then selling them for whoever missed them or for those you want to rewatch them.

How to sell adult content?

Social media & followers

How to sell adult content if not using social media? Having a profile in a content-selling platform means nothing if you don’t have social media accounts to promote it on. You can get traffic directly from your site, but a big part of it will come from your social media efforts.

Everyone’s hanging out online these days, so if you want to reach as many people as possible, your best bet is to make an Instagram and especially Twitter account (adult friendly) and promote your profile there. Moreover, once you already have a fanbase, you can still use your social media to announce every time you post new fresh content and any other updates.

Best social media practices:

  • Post teasers for the higher quality buys. You whet everyone’s appetite and then direct them straight away to your adult creator profile.
  • Use sex-related hashtags to be discoverable by your target traffic and follow some people producing adult content.
  • Add the link to your adult profile on your socials’ profile (those which allow it) so that everyone can check it out.

Know how to market yourself

To know how to market yourself you must first understand that you have to look for niche fans, rather than general fans. Why? Because general fans watch a lot of free porn and just move from one to the next, whereas niche fans look for something specific and are more likely to stay and become a returning user. So by focusing on one of those niches, you have more chances to make more money; remember that it’s better to have 10 engaged users checking your profile and actually buying your content, than 100 hundred who don’t make any purchase.

There are endless niches you can choose from, since there are as many fetishes as people in the world. Some examples are: JOI, cosplay, foot fetish, BDSM, role-plays, etc. So just think of what you’re good at or enjoy doing, and based on that try to find your niche. That’s the best way to stand out and find your crowd.

Create your brand/persona

If you want to be successful at selling adult content, you must create your own brand, just like any company would do (but sparing you any paperwork hassle). Whether or not you see yourself as a brand, you better believe you are and treat your content selling career as such if you want to be taken seriously. Open IG or any other social platform and you’ll soon realize that everyone making a living from it has created a persona around their business or service, which may or may not correspond with their real self.

To create your persona or brand, you must first choose a memorable and distinctive name (preferably one that will represent your persona and that’s easy to spell), and then find your specific audience and research your competitors.

High-quality camera and lighting equipment

You’ve probably already heard about it, but angles and lighting is everything when it comes to sexy and appealing photos. You don’t have to be a pro, but knowing the basics of soft lighting is a must (don’t worry, nothing that a 15-minute Youtube tutorial can’t solve).

The best lighting system is having 3-point adjustable stand lights: two on each side and one in front. As long as you never put lights in view of the camera (this is a big no), you’ll be good. You can even get yourself a softbox as many porn stars do, as they add a layer of diffusion to the light producing a soft one, as well as minimizing harsh shadows.

Regarding the camera, if you are going to make sex videos or cam shows, better buy a high-quality HD camera with a minimum resolution of 1080p. An extra point would be if the camera can connect to the tripod so that you can give better camera shows.

Where to sell adult content

1. OnlyFans

OnlyFans needs no introduction, but just in case, it’s a platform that allows content creators to sell access to their exclusive content. Kind of like an adult-friendly Instagram but locked by a payment wall. You can post nudes and clips that only your subscribers will be able to see, as well as locked clips that users have to tip for to unlock.

Not only adult workers use OnlyFans and sites like OnlyFans; you can also find influencers from other industries, and even celebrities. With over 160 million visitors per month, it’s no surprise that the site attracts all types of professionals.


  • High traffic
  • Commission rates of 80%
  • Fast and flexible withdrawal
  • Low minimum payout
  • DMCA Protection
  • Creators can set their own subscription prices


  • Inconvenient feed layout style
  • High competition on the platform
  • Fans must enter a credit card even to follow free channels
  • Poor customer service
  • Not easy to build a fanbase if you’re a newcomer

2. My.Club

My.Club is like the improved version of OnlyFans. It has more features to monetize your content and it allows you to keep 80% of your earnings.

To get started, create your club and set the price that users will have to pay to join it. If you already have content in any similar platform, you can spare yourself the time of uploading everything again and creating your account from scratch; My.Club has an option to export your content from other sites in just one click.

On My.Club you can also join forces with other creators to post content featuring each other and thus drive more traffic. So the site is not only about connecting with fans, but also connecting with other creators – team work makes the dream work, they say.

One of our favorite My.Club features is its messaging system: it allows creators to send private or mass messages to their fans and sell their content directly there.


  • Always adult friendly with no unexpected turns
  • Profitable referral program
  • Possibility for users to send tips
  • Great array of money-making features
  • Teaser posts that anyone on the internet can see
  • Creators set their own subscription price
  • Stellar customer support
  • Twitter autopost

3. FanCentro

FanCentro is a highly flexible platform with plenty of features and income streams, making it a great option to sell adult content. Getting started is fairly easy as they have an influencer education program known as Centro University, where they teach you how to use the site, master the features and maximize your profits through detailed tutorials.

Some of the best tools to make money that FanCentro has includes their pay-to-view feed, DMs, clip store, and live streaming.

Just like My.Club, FanCentro also has the content migration feature to help you migrate all your existing content from OnlyFans (if you have one) to FanCentro.

Moreover, they have a referral program that lets creators earn 10% of the earnings of every model they refer for a whole year.


  • Different customizable subscription plans
  • Dedicated web page from ModelCentro
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Great way to manage payments for all your social media channels


  • Relatively high minimum payout thresholds
  • High competition compared to incoming traffic
  • High commission taken by the site

4. ManyVids

ManyVids is all about adult content. Creators can sell subscriptions, individual videos, live cam sessions and even physical items. One of the upsides of the site is that it specializes in fetish categories, so everyone has a market in ManyVids, no matter their niche.

ManyVids also offers the possibility for users to tip creators. In addition, it has a pseudo social networking site called MV Social.

Payments are made twice per month as long as you have met the minimum withdrawal amount. The payment percentage varies depending on the source of income, but generally, subscriptions, tips and custom content are paid out at 90% in the first year and 80% thereafter.

ManyVids’ good reputation in the industry is backed by many awards that it has won along the years, so it’s not a coincidence that it has over 3 million active members and receives more than 10 million visits per month. Regarding creators, there are around 80,000, including amateurs, professionals and studios.


  • High rates overall
  • Trusted site with high traffic
  • Free and paid subscriptions
  • Good customer support
  • Niche for fetish models
  • Intuitive features
  • Great range of products


  • No cross-sales available for other social media subscriptions
  • No payment on demand
  • Relatively high minimum withdrawal amount

5. JustForFans

JustForFans was created by and for adult content creators and sex workers, offering fan club subscriptions and content sales.

Since its launch in 2017, the site has been going up the ranks and becoming a major player in the adult content industry. It works with subscription packages that range between $4.99 and $14.99, of which JFF takes a cut of 30% on all earnings.

One of the best things about JFF is that it has an Explore function that provides more visibility to creators. Also, the site allows creators to give access to their Instagram and Snapchat profiles to make some extra bucks.

Models have a lot of flexibility in terms of cross-promotion and pricing. They are in control of what they sell and what they earn.

JFF currently receives 1.9 million visitors per month, whereas it only has around 2,000 models registered, so do the numbers. If these figures are true, that means that the proportion of fans for each model is huge.


  • Plenty of ways to earn money
  • Brilliant customer service
  • Great analytics features
  • Wide range of payment options


  • Not very intuitive design
  • Mediocre search options
  • Sign up must be through Twitter

6. LoyalFans

LoyalFans was not initially designed with adult content in mind, however, it has become a popular alternative for many cam girls and adult workers who want to sell their content and fan club memberships.

The site is fairly new, as it launched in 2020, and that’s why its monthly traffic is only about 275,000 visitors. However, it has the potential to become a big player in the adult market.

LoyalFans has its own social media features, video stores, tipping option, and even live streaming and live phone calls. Models range from BBW and mature, ebony, trans, and everything in between.


  • Good payout rates
  • Intuitive controls and easy navigation
  • Geo-blocking feature
  • Twitter autopost
  • Great range of money-making features


  • New and small site, so less traffic
  • Not easy to build a fanbase

7. Clips4Sale

Clips4Sale operates on four different sites: Videos4Sale, Clips4Sale, Images4Sale, and C4S Members. Each one of them offers a slightly different services (exactly what you would expect based on their names – videos, clips, images and memberships), but they are all managed under the same platform.

Clips4Sale won several industry awards since it originally launched in 2003. Today, it reaches an audience of 12 million visitors per month, blacking it in the top 350 adult sites in the world.


  • High volume of traffic
  • Niche for fetishes
  • Diverse in models


  • Only amateurs
  • Low payout rates

8. ModelCentro

ModelCentro is like no other social media platform. It offers you a custom domain, which similar to having your own website where you can sell your content and even host live cam shows.

The obvious advantage is that you can promote your website without the risk of sending potential customers to a platform full of models where you could easily lose them to what those other models have to offer. You can tailor your website to your own needs and services. Every time you make a sell, you get 85% of the revenue.


  • High commission rates
  • Easy signup
  • Free personal website
  • Total flexibility in pricing
  • Good referral revenue
  • Great range of ways to earn


  • Not very good interface
  • Everything must be prerecorded
  • Low traffic volume

9. Stripchat

Stripchat is one of the most popular cam sites for a reason. They have a great user interface and offer lots of possibilities to make money. You can earn from live cam shows, content sales, offline tips, and their referral program.

When it comes to cam shows, they have a lot of options to make them more profitable. For example, there are interactive games that you can install in your room so that users spend more, interactive tip menu, tip goals, and much more – we would need a whole article to tell you about all. Nonetheless, it’s worth mentioning now that you can also record your cam shows to then sell them to users who missed them or users who want to relive it again (don’t worry, it all happens inside the platform, so your privacy will be protected).

The best part is that Stripchat has its own source of traffic, so starting out is fairly easy. On top of that, they offer all new models a 2-week boost so that you only have to worry about killing it in your show; the traffic will come along.

A good additional way of earning is selling your own content. You have available public and private albums where you can add your photos and videos for users to buy. Oh, and you can even sell your content through direct private messages!


  • High traffic volume
  • Video tutorials available to learn how to use the site
  • Niche for fetishes
  • Lots of money-making options
  • Profitable referral program
  • Great customer service


  • It can be overwhelming to get familiar with the site, due to the high volume of features

10. AVN Stars

Content creators can set up a monthly subscription for users to access their content. They can offer photos, videos, and private messages in exchange for tips. For its part, the platform takes a 20% cut on all earnings.

If there’s something remarkable about AVN Stars, is that it has a search option to make it easier for users to find their favorite creators, and a prominent suggestion feature that directs users to verified creators, so there’s no way your fans will miss you.


  • Free or paid subscriptions
  • Multiple subscription tiers available
  • High commission rates
  • Low competition
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Pay-to-view messages and offline tips


  • Newish site with little subscribers
  • Minimum subscription and content price is set at $2
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